Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

What makes OSN so special among the online selling/buying community such as Craig’s List and others?

The biggest asset an online seller can have is too many potential buyers and OSN was created to attract the maximum number of potential buyers by using its greatest asset, the very names of its 70-plus domain sites. “Owners Selling (product name)” is the legal name of each site in our network and therefore receives priority ranking with the internet search engines, coming up first or very near first in their search listings. This gives the seller not only a premium exposure for his product but also confidence he is receiving the best price.

Question 2

Are there other advantages?

Quite a few, actually.OSN offers the complete solution to sellers as if their offering resides in retail: A region-by-region marketplace emphasis; agency services to assist in marketing the product, if desired; alignment with financial institutions which assist with loans and insurance specific to each industry category we offer. In addition, our service is subscription-based for individual sellers and therefore pricing models yield a variety of options, most depending on the probable shelf-life. The longer the projected shelf life (i.e. real estate vs. cars), the greater is the value of the exposure for the seller.

Question 3

What is a regional marketplace?

It is the organization and “look” of each of the homepages a buyer encounters. “Owners Selling Horses”, for instance, would obviously be themed around equestrian imagery, but there will be sub-groupings for, as an example, “Greater Dallas-Ft. Worth” with local imagery, advertisers, equestrian attractions in that area, etc. Local buyers can identify local sellers quickly and easily.

Question 4

How tough is the actual sales process?

Just as the sales listing is a fast and easy and produces a final ad for your approval, so the payment system is similar. Customers may choose to pay using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover via