Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously.

The personal contact information which you supply to Owners Selling Network will only be used for necessary company releases and notifications you personally approve through the use of our sites. Our member and client contact lists will never be sold or made available to any third party.

Your personal financial information is never made available to Owners Selling Network. All purchases for our services are processed through PayPal or, ensuring that your financial information and your online purchase remain secure.

Member Rules

The rules are simple - do not abuse the system and we will get along just fine. You are the customer and we will try our best to meet any special requests you may have, but please remember the goal is to provide a resource which we can all share.

Rule Number One - Under no circumstances are users allowed to impede the ability of other users to profit from or make use of these or any of our services in any manner as the direct and/or indirect result of their actions and/or inactions.

Rule Number Two - Under no circumstances are users allowed to use profanity and/or exhibit pictures which are pornographic in nature.

Rule Number Three - No one shall use this service to port these ads to any other outside or third party service unless they have permission in writing to do so from the owner. (The exception to this rule is that a seller may link to or port their personal ads to further promote their property for sale in e-mails, Internet web-logs (blogs) and bulletin boards, personal websites and/or other commercial Internet portals where they have set up a personal account for private, business, or social networking.)

Rule Number Four - No client shall use these services to offer any other product or service other than those which the site(s) being advertised upon were expressly designed for, unless they have permission in writing to do so from the owner.

Rule Number Five - No client shall select property description categories which do not reflect a true potential use for the property they are promoting.

Rule Number Six - All ads shall be unique in nature and promote only one unique property to the network.

Rule Number Seven - No visitor or member may use this site, it's contact tools and/or its content to spam or send unsolicited messages to our members.


Owners Selling Network Membership

Membership is provided on a pay per ad periodic basis. All sellers may promote their property which they have available for sale, and which meet the general property description of the sites the property will be promoted upon within our network, but each property may only be advertised one time within each portion of our network where the property matches the aforementioned general description.

All ads expire when the ad expiration date has been reached and ads expiration is set by period set in pay per ad agreement and begin the day the ad is purchased and not the date the ad is made active. Ads may be renewed and their expiration dates extended on a month to month basis once expiration date has been reached.